In partnership with Philips Lighting NZ Ltd, Arnold Jensen Electrical Ltd offers expertise in the specialist field of sports floodlighting installations.


We can guide clients through the entirety of their sports lighting project- from design stage to completion.


In conjunction with our partners, our technical design team can prepare a complete lighting proposal that is specifically designed for any sport and for any level of play, from club to international.


We will work closely alongside both you and the relevant local authority from the earliest stages of your project to ensure the highest level of building code compliance.


If required, we can undertake a site survey to review any existing installations you may have in order to provide our recommendations and quotations for an upgrade.


Working in conjunction with Philips NZ Lighting Ltd we:

  • Offer a full range of supply and installation services, including turn-key packages.
  • Undertake all civil and electrical engineering works for both new installations and upgrades
  • Oversee all facets of the installation process from commencement, ensuring that your project is delivered on time, within budget and to the design requirements specified.

We have a solution for any requirements:

  • Rugby pitches
  • Soccer pitches
  • Netball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Hockey pitches
  • Golf driving ranges