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We may be based in the city, but we know our way around the farm, and complete many electrical installations for the rural sector. The recent dairy farming boom has made dairy conversions a major part of our work, but we also tackle a diverse array of agricultural projects such as power supplies to dairy sheds, deep well pumps, central pivot irrigators, installation of heavy machinery and equipment, and wiring / supply for farm houses.

Whether you require general power and lighting solutions, pumps and automation, or a complete electrical fit-out for your dairy shed, we have the experience and expertise to meet your requirements. We can also install generators and renewable energy systems can for reliability of supply, energy savings, and peace of mind.

Rural services include:

  • Dairy conversions
  • Renewable energy
  • Generator installations
  • Residential wiring
  • Air-conditioning/Heat pump installations
  • Power solutions to remote sites (see below)


Thinking ahead means being prepared for the worst in the event of a power outage, and we all know what a Canterbury winter can bring- snow, and lots of it! Whether you need power at a remote off-grid site, or a back-up power source in the event of a mains failure, we can meet your generator needs with a range of petrol and diesel models that guarantee a steady, safe supply of electricity. We've teamed up with rural gurus CRT to offer an affordable, high-quality range of generators that suit a variety of uses and power output requirements. Our range runs from small domestic models designed for recreational uses to large-scale, heavy duty appliances designed for commercial and industrial applications. Our experienced and qualified technicians can:

  • Supply, install and maintain our range of generators.
  • Offer 24hr service & support.
  • Provide onsite consultations and assessment to exactly determine your requirements.
  • Tailor an auto-start/generator standby power system specific to your needs should you require it.

Renewable Energy

With rising electricity prices, energy conservation, and sustainability becoming increasingly important concerns, a renewable energy system can be an excellent option for those facing significant costs in connecting a remote property to their local network, looking to keep overall energy costs down, or interested in increasing their level of self-sufficiency.

Using renewable energy promotes sustainable living, and eliminates the emission of greenhouse gases. Advances in technology mean that a renewably sourced energy supply is now economically feasible not only for small-scale applications in remote locations (i.e. off-the-grid homes), but also for larger scale applications in areas where the resource is abundant and can be harnessed by larger conversion systems.

Solar Cells (Photovoltaics PV)

Solar cells are thin wafers of silicon which produce DC electric current when exposed to sunlight. They are virtually maintenance free and fairly unobtrusive. Small PV systems are used extensively to power a range of equipment such as gate controls, lighting, communications equipment, water pumps, and electric fences. Talk to us about what you need from a solar power system.

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