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Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps

Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

How do heat pumps work?

The outside unit housing the compressor draws warmth from the outside air (even the coldest weather) and then transfers it inside the home/business through a piping system powered by an indoor fan unit. In summer, the process is reversed - warm air is drawn from the interior room and expelled by the outside unit.

Heat pumps offer:

  • Extreme energy efficiency ( capable of transferring 4kW of heat into a space while consuming only 1kW of electrical energy)
  • Additional energy savings through use of inverters (matching compressor speed output to your indoor heating or cooling load conditions)
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants that reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • Inconspicuous and quiet operation

Heat Pump Options

High Wall Inverters

The most popular residential unit type, high-wall units offer extremely quiet operation and don't take up floor space.

Floor Consoles

These units are ideal for space heater or fire/fireplace replacement. They are slim, lightweight, and can be recess -mounted into a wall cavity, giving a shallow profile for installation.

Ceiling Cassette

These ceiling-mounted units take up no floor space and are suitable for larger floor areas. They have a four way air direction and have adjustable air flow patterns.

Ceiling Concealed (Ducted)

A versatile unit, these are ideal for use in homes, offices or hotels. They are mounted in the ceiling space and are unseen in the conditioned space, with only the air grills visible.

Multi-Split System

Multi-split systems use a single outdoor unit which can control up to 5 indoor units depending on the configuration.

Air Conditioning

The right heat pump can solve all your heating/cooling requirements, cleanly and efficiently providing climate control all year round. Modern heat pumps are quiet, inconspicuous, easy to use, environmentally healthy, and energy efficient.

There are a wide range of heat pumps available, and we provide the experience and knowledge needed to ensure you choose and install the model most appropriate to your requirements, be they domestic, commercial or otherwise. We offer a complete service that moves from site evaluation through to installation and ongoing maintenance plans afterwards to ensure that your heat pump continues to work at optimum efficiency throughout its lifetime.

We recommend only proven quality brands – Mitsubishi & Panasonic – which meet the most stringent energy efficiency levels.

Talk to us today about your air conditioning needs.

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